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E-shop www.thechairs.lt terms and conditions:

  1. General provisions

1.1. These term and conditions is valid when Customer note “I am familiar with these term and conditions and I agree”. It is legal document in which Customer’s and Seller’s rights and responsibilities are defined. 

1.2. Seller is keeping the right to change or to adjust terms and conditions

1.3. Rights to buy in this e-shop have:

1.3.1. People who reached age of majority and are not limited by any court judgments.

1.3.2. People 14-18 years old can buy with parents’ approval.

1.3.3 Companies.

1.4. Seller who confirms terms and conditions has the right to buy in e-shop www.thechairs.lt.

  1. Protection of personal data:

2.1. Ordering good in e-shop www.thechairs.lt customer has the right not to sign in in the website.

2.2. Ordering in in e-shop www.thechairs.lt customer has to provide these data: name, surname, home address, phone number, e-mail. 

2.3. When customer confirms these terms and conditions – agrees that all provided data will be used in purchasing process.

2.4. When customer confirms these terms and conditions – agrees that seller will send information about the order or will call to inform about purchase.  

  1. The moment when purchase agreement is concluded

3.1. Purchase agreement is concluded when customer order good and pay for them.

3.2. Every agreement is registered and saved in e-shop www.thechairs.lt data base.   

  1. Customer’s rights

4.1. Customer has a right to buy furniture from e-shop www.thechairs.lt .

4.2. Customer has a right to see his/her personal data and ask to change it if there is a mistake. Customer need to write an e-mail to info@thechairs.lt and seller has to fix it in 1-2 working days.

  1. Customer’s obligations

5.1. Customer has to pay for ordered goods.

5.2. If customer’s personal data changed (phone number or address) – need to inform seller.

5.3. Customer has to follow the term and conditions of this e-shop. 

  1. Seller’s rights

6.1. If customer is trying to damage e-shop www.thechairs.lt seller has the right to stop the order and delete buyer registration.

6.2. In case of serious circumstances, seller may suspend or terminate the online shopping activities, with prior notification to the buyer.

6.3. The seller has the right to cancel the order if the buyer does not pay for the goods within 3 (three) working days.

6.4. When seller is unable to complete the order – seller has the right to change the terms in time of delivery, or to cancel the order, immediately inform customer and return the payment.

  1. Seller’s obligations

7.1. Seller is responsible of e-shop www.thechairs.lt proper functioning.

7.2. Seller is obligated to respect the privacy rights of customer’s personal information.

7.3. Seller agrees to deliver the order to the buyer’s provided address.

7.4. When seller is unable to deliver the ordered goods to the customer – seller has to offer a similar item. If customer refuses to accept analogous product – seller agrees to refund money within three (3) working days.

  1. Prices of products, payment procedures and terms

8.1. All the prices in e-shop www.thechairs.lt are already with VAT prices included.

8.2. Customer pays for the goods in one of these options:

8.2.1. By bank transfer – you will be directed to your online banking account.

8.2.2. Pay cash or bank card in our partner’s shops. 

  1. Delivery of the goods

9.1. Customer can choose how to get goods: customer can order the delivery to home or can take the goods from the nearest The Chairs point.

9.2. Delivery of goods to customer:

9.2.1. Customer is responsible for providing right information about exact place of delivery.

9.2.2. Seller or authorized representatives are delivering all the goods.

9.2.3. Delivery cost depends on the size of the order and the delivery address.

9.2.4. If you want to get goods to other countries – please contact us info@thechairs.lt.

9.2.5. Products are not carried in to apartments/houses.

9.2.6 Furniture is delivered unassembled, in boxes, but we add assembly instructions.

9.3. Seller delivers goods to the customer in the terms that are noted in descriptions. When seller does not have required goods in stock – buyer is informed about it. In exceptional cases, the delivery may be delayed due to unexpected circumstances. In such cases, the seller immediately contacts customer and inform about situation.

9.4. In all cases, the seller is released from liability to deliver goods in time.

9.5. When goods are delivered – customer has to check it and sign the delivery document. When customer is signing the delivery document it means that – the goods been delivered in proper condition, with no damages. If customer finds that packing is damaged or in bad condition – has to write all the remarks in delivery paper. If customer accepts the delivery seller is relieved from liability of damaged goods. 

  1. Product quality assurance

10.1. The general features of each item description is provided to every product in www.thechairs.lt.

10.2. Seller is not responsible if in the online store products’ colour, shape and other parameters may not match the actual size, shape and colour.

10.3. Seller provides 24 months warranty, unless otherwise is noted.

10.4. Seller provides goods warranty service between the buyer and the manufacturer.

10.6. Seller agrees to fix broken goods within 15-45 working days.

  1. Return of the goods

11.1. Goods with defects can be returned or fixes according the Minister of Agriculture, 2001. June 29. Order No. 217 on the return and exchange rules.

11.2. In order to return the goods customer should contact buyer by e-mail info@thechairs.lt.

11.3. In order to return the goods customer has to follow these conditions:

11.3.1. The returned item must be in original packaging.

11.3.2. Goods cannot be damaged by customers.

11.3.3. Goods cannot be used (labels, security pellicle, etc. have to be on).

11.3.4. The returned item must be in the same configuration as it was received.

11.3.5. Returning the goods it is necessary to provide the purchase document and pass guarantee.

11.4. The seller has the right not to accept returned goods if customer fails to comply the procedure for returning the goods.

11.5. Customer can bring defected good to Baldininkų str. 23-2, Karmėlava. If the buyer does not have possibility to bring the goods, the seller has to collect the goods and replace them with similar. In the case where the seller does not have a similar product, seller has to return money.

11.6. Money for returned goods in all cases is paid by bank transfer and only to the payer’s bank account. 

  1. Responsibility

12.1. Customer is fully responsible for the provided data. If customer does not provide correct personal information, the seller is not responsible for the consequences and can claim customer to cover direct damages.

12.2. Buyer is responsible for all acts performed by using this online store.

12.3. Registered customers are responsible for their login. If information about login is provided to a third party – seller cannot identify person and take it as a customer.  

12.4. The seller is not responsible for the problems that are not written in these terms and conditions.  

12.5. If there are references to other online stores – www.chairs.lt is not responsible for the information contained their website pages.  

  1. Exchange of information

13.1. Seller sends all the messages according rule 2.2.

13.2. Customer can send all reports and questions to info@thechairs.lt

  1. Final provisions

14.1. These terms and conditions are created in accordance of legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

14.2. If there are some conflicts – the rules of Ministry of Law are used.

14.3. All disputes should be solved by negotiation. If it is impossible to make an agreement, conflicts are solved by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

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